Utah: A Veritable Bigfoot Researcher’s Dream

When it comes to Bigfoot sightings, it seems that there are heavy hitter areas, little brother geographic locations, and poser areas that claim bigfoot as their own but whose books are full of crackpot sightings that have no foundation.

Most people think of the great North-West, particularly Washington, as the kingpin sighting and bigfoot research capitol of the United States. Today, I want to set the record straight. As a Utah resident and bigfoot expert, I have learned that, when it comes to seeing bigfoot, THIS IS THE PLACE.

Allow me to illuminate a few facts to back up my claim. As of a report issued by a volunteer crypto zoologist site called www.bfro.net, Utah sittings are right in the median at 64 registered sightings as of August, 2010. What is even more striking is that the bulk of these sightings occur along the Wasatch mountain range, in Weber, Summit, and Utah counties (10,9,7 respectively). That puts the Wasatch Range in the sites as a Bigfoot hot bed.

Even further, as one reviews the details of sighting reports, the color range of these creatures seems to be all over the board, from white to black. This makes Utah a researcher’s dream.

Some of the sighting stories are so striking that to ignore the evidence of eyewitness accounts becomes an act of naiveté. Bigfoots have been seen in Utah by hunters, campers, doctors, scientists, and lawyers. With such a vast cross-section of backgrounds, it seems reasonable to take these sightings seriously.

Accounts of sightings in the Uintah Mountains near Ogden became so frequent that a hunting party was raised in 1977. According to the two youths from the party who spotted the creature stated that: “A gorilla-like creature ambled off into the timber after seeing them [the hunting party]. The party was about one-half mile away on a ridge and watched the creature move off for about a one-half mile before it disappeared.” Sadly, no conclusive evidence was brought back from the expedition.

But as far as Utah goes, evidence is not scant. There are multiple print impressions available. Hair samples have been extracted from as high as 9 feet above the ground. Even the shrill cry of Bigfoot is heard on occasion.

My conclusion, when the Utah Travel Authority releases their next brochure to draw tourist dollars to our great state, they might consider the following as a viable pitch: Come to Utah for our lush mountains, skiing, hiking, towering arches, and Bigfoot.