Our Unknown Wild 2.0: “Strange Animal Kills and Exsanguinates Prey”

I decided to pick up the thread of our old series of stories that aren’t directly related to Bigfoot or Sasquatch research but lend veracity to the possibility of their existence. In this series of posts we will share and discuss the things that are going on all around the world that deal with unknown creatures and demonstrate how much is going on in the wild that we are unaware of – from a microscopic biologic level to full grown animals that have yet to be documented and studied.

Our first story is this one from Inexplicata – The Journal of Hispanic Ufology. The image they use with the story seems to imply some kind of large Chiroptera or Bat creature, but the story itself doesn’t make any reference to that other than the statement that “the strange animal entered and attacked the sheep without eating them, relieving them of their blood and leaving marks suggesting a jaw that can open up to 20 centimeters”.

Holy cow!! A jaw that can open up to 20 centimeters – that is huge for a bat. It also mentions “there were also scratches and puncture marks from long fangs in evidence” as well as stating that the “lambs had their heads crushed”.

There were apparently three recorded attacks and as the site says:

The third attack took place again on Mr. Villalobos’s property.

“The custodian saw what was happening and unleashed a Great Dane to fight the animal, which he was able to see in the shadows. But the dog fled after receiving a push from the assailant,” said a startled Roberto Villalobos.

Local residents are fearful of going out in the evening, saying that for a week now they have been victimized by attacks from an unknown animal whose prints they are unable to recognize.

Again, the evidence that it is some kind of giant bat is all circumstantial based on the admittedly sparse docementation that there were fang like wounds and the live stock had mostly lost blood.

The most intriguing statement was: “The affected party stated that his animals were in a pen with a two meter tall fence, which natural predators are unable to penetrate.”

This is the first time that I have spent any substantial amount of time on this website, but they seem to have valid sources on what they are reporting and everything seems to be legitimate. It doesn’t sound like the normal M.O. as associated with the Chupacabra. It just goes to show that there are a lot of things out there, even, if I may use the term, hiding in plain site that we are unaware of. Is it so much harder to believe in the possibility of a Bigfoot type of creature where we have so much more evidence and eye witness accounts available?

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