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Halloween family creature concert and costume contest. Monday, October 21, 2013.

Come see two creature bands, the Rustmonster pirate band and the Wasasquatch Bigfoot Band, battle it out in a family friendly halloween concert. Bring your whole family for the creature concert of the century. Come in costume for a chance to win great prizes. Buy Tickets Here Seating is very limited (only 250) at the […]

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KAYSVILLE, Utah, August 15 – Bigfoot rock band, Wasasquatch, claiming to live in the forests along the Wasatch Front, plans to play their first performance before a human audience at The Gangrene Film Festival on September 2nd in Layton, Utah. In a way, it makes sense that in a world where musical performers have done […]

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After decades of anticipation, researchers from film conclusive proof of Bigfoot’s existence. After repeated sightings of Sasquatch in the Wasatch Mountain range, located in Northern Utah, Professor Bobby Lee and his associate, Jay Dee Hetch—both regular contributors to–staked out an active hotspot deep in the lush forests of Cache County, Utah. After hours […]

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It’s a sad commentary about us humans that we view animals as something to be packaged, shrink wrapped and grilled in preparation to watch the Superbowl. Don’t get me wrong. I’m the first to dive headlong into a New York strip, dripping with all those tasty animal juices. But it seems that somewhere along the […]

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When it comes to Bigfoot sightings, it seems that there are heavy hitter areas, little brother geographic locations, and poser areas that claim bigfoot as their own but whose books are full of crackpot sightings that have no foundation. Most people think of the great North-West, particularly Washington, as the kingpin sighting and bigfoot research […]

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It happens all the time; you’re out in the backcountry taking a summer constitutional, you look down, and there it is: an honest-to-Pete Bigfoot track. If you are not prepared with the proper equipment, you can get caught with your pants down; you can walk home looking at your boots the whole time knowing that […]