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I decided to pick up the thread of our old series of stories that aren’t directly related to Bigfoot or Sasquatch research but lend veracity to the possibility of their existence. In this series of posts we will share and discuss the things that are going on all around the world that deal with unknown […]

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When it comes to Bigfoot sightings, it seems that there are heavy hitter areas, little brother geographic locations, and poser areas that claim bigfoot as their own but whose books are full of crackpot sightings that have no foundation. Most people think of the great North-West, particularly Washington, as the kingpin sighting and bigfoot research […]

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It happens all the time; you’re out in the backcountry taking a summer constitutional, you look down, and there it is: an honest-to-Pete Bigfoot track. If you are not prepared with the proper equipment, you can get caught with your pants down; you can walk home looking at your boots the whole time knowing that […]

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Monster Quest - Critical Evidence

This is older video, but here it is in its entirety for once rather than jumping from upload to upload. This is Episode 19 from Season 3 of the History Channel TV series MonsterQuest. It aired originally in the summer of 2009.